What To Know When It Comes To Taking Care Of Your Dog

Dog Exercise

There is nothing quite like having a family pet in your home, especially when that family pet is a loved and loyal dog. Dogs are truly man’s best friend, always ready to play and ready for a good time. Although it might seem pretty easy to take care of a dog and give it the best in treatment, there are many people who aren’t taking all of the steps necessary to provide the ultimate care for their companion. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to providing the best care for your family’s dog, so let’s get started.

1. Make Regular Trips To The Vet:
Yes, sometimes, it does seem unnecessary to bring our dogs or other family pets to the vet on a regular basis, especially when they aren’t sick or injured the majority of the time. However, just like with humans, it is important to bring your pooch into the vet at least once a year to make sure they are caught up on their necessary shots they need, and just to make sure they are in excellent health. Your vet can also provide you with recommendations and answer any questions you may have concerning your dog and their behavior, et cetera.

2. Exercise And Diet:
Dogs, regardless of the breed, are typically very energetic, and are ready to play at the drop of a hat. That being said, it is so important to make sure that you are giving your dog the necessary exercise that they need in order to live a healthy and happy life. Whether it is a walk through the neighborhood, playing fetch in the backyard, or taking them to a local dog park in your area, there are many different ways to get your dog the adequate exercise that he or she needs on the daily. Along with exercise, it is also important to make sure that you aren’t over feeding or under feeding your dog in any way. Many of the dog food brands will have recommendations on the packaging as to the amount to feed your dog each day, and you can plan a routine around that as well that best accommodates your family.

3. Grooming:
This can be a tricky subject, because many people and families will think that their dogs are clean and well groomed if they are staying indoors the majority of the time. However, it is important to give your dog a bath at least every month, or even bi-weekly. Your dog’s fur develops oils overtime (as all hair follicles do), and they also attract many different germs and bacteria in their fur over the duration of not having a bath. Along with bathing, it is also important to make sure that your dog’s nails are clipped regularly. Long nails can be bothersome for your pooch, and can be painful for other family members as well. It is also recommended to get them clipped by a professional, as there is a sweet spot where they are cut perfectly, and where you can hit the quick underneath, which can cause your dog’s paw to bleed severely.

For the most part, dogs are fairly easy to take care of. They are playful, but also like to relax and spend time laying on their dog beds. However, it is also super important to make sure that you are paying attention to all of your dogs needs, as they cannot always voice the things that they are wanting or are needing at the time. Taking the time to treat your dog well and take care of them in the same manner will make for a happy pet, and a happy family in return.