Welcome to MatchFur

MatchFur App

MatchFur is a mobile app that allows you to preview a shelter’s furever friends. Simply register, answer a few questions about some key factors that you are looking for in a furever pet, you can see pictures, videos and profiles of pets that fit your needs. Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Birds, Snakes or Lizards if it’s in a shelter it needs a home.

Pet Matching

Swipe left and the pet is taken off of your list. Swipe right and the friend is added to your list of possibilities. When you are ready to pick your pet, start working through your list of furry, or scaly or feathery, friends. When you have settled on the exact one that matches who you are, with what you are looking for, simply fill out the shelters forms right on your mobile device and get started with the adoption process.

Vet Records

We work hard to help you track your pet’s Veterinary care, plan your spending on pet foods and treats, keep posted on pet care tips and training features to help you enjoy every minute of your time together.

Lost & Found

With a press of a button, everyone with the app within a few miles will be notified with a photo of your pet! If they find it, they can press a button and you’ll be given directions to your fur-baby!


We want to show all pet related events near you. We will fetch these from user submission, Facebook events, and new coverage stories.

Special Pets

If a pet is passed multiple times or not being viewed by people (search filters do not match pet for 10 days), it’ll go to a special pets needing a home page. This will provide a free featured animal ad on the system to get attention where it deserves. Special Pets will also automatically post to our social channels for further attention.